Some Mysterious Facts about Falls Church VA

Falls Church VA is a famous city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This city got its name from the famous Falls Church of England that was named Episcopal Church latterly.  According to the census of 2010, the population of the city was 12,332.  In 1948, it got the status of an independent city.


In 1600 this city was named Falls Church on the name of a Falls Church in England. Later in 1875, it got the status of a town, and in 1948, it was declared an independent city. In 1769, this city got its final design that is its mark till now.

The city is famous for its historical buildings, multi-colored culture, monuments, wallpapers, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, and food.

One of the safest city in the world.

Falls Church VA is ranked as one of the safest cities in the world with the minimum crime rate.  Along with this, it's a typical tourist place due to its remarkable history and versatile culture as well as natural beauty. This city has high cultural values wit golden-hearted people known to be the most hospitable people in the world. 

The Wealthiest city.

Falls Church is ranked on the second number in the list of most affluent cities in Virginia counties based on per capita income. It’s one of the luckiest towns in the world with a minimum poverty range. 

Historical places.

There is a considerable list of buildings in Falls Church VA registered in the National Register of Historic places as historical places. These places make this city more marvelous and a treasure hunt for tourists. It's ranked as one of the most amazing honeymoon destinations in the world, as well.
Some historical places of Falls Church are,

Craze for wallpapers.

This city is the most sophisticated mixture of conventional and contemporary art. Falls Church is famous for its gigantic versatility of wallpapers. This city is not less than a heave for wallpaper lovers.  Every home in this city is decorated with eye-catching wallpapers. If you have ever been to this place, then you must have seen the stunning wallpapers cherishing everywhere, especially in hotels.

These were some interesting facts about Falls Church VA.  If you are planning to visit this place, then it’s the best time to do so. Moreover, you can get the best collection of wallpapers in this beautiful city.

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